Thursday, September 5, 2013

random acts of bloggery

let’s just get the big gorilla in the room out of the bag:  I am not what could be called a “consistent blogger”.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to call myself a blogger.  

portrait of a non-blogger in outerspace

Whew. Now that that’s out of the way no one need ever expect any kind of consistency in this place that we call ldsk for short.  Or at least I do in the old noodle.  

Also, my aspiration as a writer is to be a combo of P.G. Wodehouse (talk about ambition), L.M. Montgomery (who do I think I am? dreams oft know not reason), C.S. Lewis (TALK ABOUT AMBITIOUS-c.s. gets all caps), and if I am going to be frank, Calvin and Hobbes (don’t know the author’s name but you get it).  And Lisa Frank, because hello.    

As you see, I can rarely muster the attempts at imitating even one of these good fellas, so here we are.  Ye olde abandoned blog gets random acts of attention and that’s all I have to say for myself.

And a little Enya never hurts (see playlist for details).


Let’s start with the to do list at work.  It’s getting upsetting in length.  And so, I put things at the top of it that I am certain to do and then feel really good about being able to delete off the list because I accomplished something.  How’s that for Freshmen psych rearing it’s ugly head?  

Which brings me to the conclusion that breaking old habits is difficult.  And that’s your news from captain obvious for the day.  

I am overwhelmed at work and my usual coping strategy for that feeling is flight.  Or to play dead. Like just pretend it’s not there and la dee da.  But Now!  Not now, I choose not to give in to this old crony that insists on hanging around me even though it is no longer a welcome guest.

I admit, I’ve fed that little bugger for so long it only seems to make sense that it (the coping mech in question) would think that if he came back, he would get lots of delicious moments of my time hanging out in lala land and pretending things aren’t there.  

Well I got news for you.  You gon’ be starved to def if you keep knocking on my door.  And sure I’ll falter and feed you some scraps every now and again but the joke will be on you, buster.  I choose to live in reality.  I choose Truth.  So EAT MY RUBBER.  

Now that THAT cat is out of the attic, we can move on with some happy things. Happy things meaning here’s a really fast recap of summery doings that I done did [read a humongo photo spill of epic proportions so just be ready] Word on the street is that summer, according to D.C. weather standards, is on it’s way out the door hat in hand taking the first of the final bows.  I am banking on an encore.  I am NOT ready for tights or coats. Coats are the opposite of fireflies.  BOOOO coats.

Now then.

I know very little about baseball, but I sure enjoy being a fan of peanuts and cracker jacks and hot diggety dogs and, of course, glitter tats (note the Lisa Frank edge to my glitter tat of choice). 

 The whole baseball scene is really enjoyable is what I came to remember.  It’s so American and hot in the kind of way that makes me proud of my Texas heat stamina because yankees are total wusses. I don’t get a lot of these moments to shine, but in extreme heat it’s my time.  Obvs I turn to total #weaksauce in cold weather but reynauds, you dig?   

Alyss is one of my besties for life. She understands the importance of face painting and fake tattoos

Summer is delicious and I want to eat it all year round.  

My nieces are even more delicious and I want to eat them all year round and then some.

try to stand the cuteness if you dare

stripes out the yin yang is sort of how we like it 


My love affair with the cittayyy has fizzled to a cool acquaintenceship.  I have re-embraced the truth that I am a country Texas girl from head to toe heart and soul and I need my gloriously massive skies, friendly folk, short trees, heat lovin’ flowers, and a long booty spring and summer and short mama winters.  That’s that.  

But, I have resolved to do all I can by the grace of God to be where I am and right now where I am is smack in the middle of things very un-Texas like indeed.  Thankfully, my neighborhood is quiet and lovely and quaint and historic.  All things that give it a temporary pardon for being in a city. And holy to the smokes is it close to my job.  3 minute walk is a dream in a cardigan.

hello there, dream bicycle

and hello to you, too, corpse flower 

sandwich of love

real fire burning in that there lamppost.  Narnia and I belong together

fams that drink shakes together love life together is how i see things

screen on the grizzeeen 

one of my favorite depictions of our Lady at St. Joseph's on Cap Hill

is this family too great or what??? this museum is in mah hood. Who knew?

Throw in a beach with the family vacay (so so sweet)

a trip to my second fave state of the union (North Cackalacky come on and raise up)

A wonderful celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony between a beautiful cousin and her handsome fella  

mah Sisters are buff. Deal with it.

the radiant bride

dancing with my main girls on stage. seriously and truly one of my dreams come true.  all Glory to God.

I love having these completely girly moments with my sisters
one of my favorite things in the world: a Baptism of a very dear friend's little dumpling

proud Godpapa

proud mama and Godmama

freshly Christened little saint boy

very proud mama and dad
and a patented Bon Voyage to the Season of Fireflies trip to the motherland (OH SWEET TEXAS get into my arms) and you got yourself my summer in a summery coconutty palm tree print nutshell.  

the only way to ride in Austin, Texas: top down, peace sign up

3 cheers for this guy who drove top down in 102 degrees without complaint just because he knew I wanted to. I love him a lot.

Now that’s some of the best nutshelling I have ever done.  

Disclamar:  There is no proper time sequence in this here post.  Just know that anything pictured occurred between the months of June and September.  Also, below are videos of things pertinent to my happiness. Madeline The Unreasonably Cute One doing her jig, Fr. Byrne aka my boss, bossin it up with China and the cups jive, Salt Lick (nuff said), and Texas moments of glory. Enjoy!

"And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” 

Matthew 28:20

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  1. love the post, love the comments, love the musings, LOVE the pics, love summer, and L-O-V-E the stuffing out of you.